1. How do I book a date at the Grand?
Call one of our experienced Event Coordinators or 334.944.2159 to set up a tour or consultation. A 50% deposit and signed contract is due upon booking a date at the Grand. The Grand can accept checks, credit cards, money orders, or cash as forms of payment. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the event date. If the event date is less than one month away upon booking, the remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the event date.
2. How do I find out if my date is available?
You will need to call 334.944.2159 or one of our Event Coordinators for details.
3. What’s the capacity of the Grand?
620 seated guests for the full rental space; however this depends on your layout and event style.
•    156 seated guests in the Orleans Ballroom
•    128 seated guests in the St. Charles Ballroom
•    120 seated guests in the Upstairs Ballroom
•    200 seated guests; 300 standing guests in the Courtyard
•    26 seated guests in the in the conference/bridal room
4. What’s included in the rental of the Grand?
The rental fee of the entire downstairs facility includes: 24 tables of choice and 192 Chivari chairs. When rented as partial space, each ballroom includes: 12 tables of choice and 96 Chivari chairs. The rental of the Parlor includes 1 conference table with 8 chairs and a lounge area. The Courtyard rental includes 2 tables, 8 chairs and 1 couch, Ballroom tables and Chivari chairs may be used in the Courtyard. The Upstairs includes 15 – 8’ round tables, 120 chairs. All rentals include an Event Coordinator, kitchen access and in house sound
5. Who provides table linens, dishware, flowers, etc.?
It is left up to you to make arrangements with outside vendors to meet additional requests. Your Event Coordinator can provide you with a list of preferred vendors and suggestions, or click here for our recommendations.
6. Can I use the Grand’s furniture for my event?
The Grand’s furniture may be used for decoration purposes. The interior furniture should not be moved but you are welcome to decorate it with flowers, lights, etc.
7. Can I tent The Courtyard?
8. Is air-conditioning and heating available in The Courtyard?
Standup patio heaters (much like the kind you see at sidewalk cafes) can be rented ($50 each). Fans are available to rent for $25.
9. Can we have an outdoor grill?
An open-flame grill is permitted provided that it is used outside only and used near the alley entrance.
10. Is there a dressing room?
Yes, the Parlor is used as a dressing room.
11. Where do guests enter?
Guests enter the space through the large double doors on North Foster Street below the awning.
12. How many bathrooms are there?
There are three bathrooms inside the Grand.
13. Is the Grand wheelchair-accessible?
The Grand has a wheelchair ramp leading into the space, as well as a handicapped-accessible bathroom.
14. Is someone from the Grand here during the event?
There are generally 2 personnel from the Grand available; the Event Coordinator and a Grand Staff personnel.
15. What does the Event Staff do?
Our on-site staff will be inside the Grand attending to duties before, during, and after the event. Prior to guests arriving, our host assists with setup in numerous ways, some of which include: ensuring all the Grand’s furniture is in place as directed in the floor plan; helping vendors with any questions or concerns upon arrival; directing deliveries to the proper area; assisting DJ/band/etc. with plugging into our speaker system; taking phone calls (guests calling for directions, etc); maintaining temperature control in the space; overseeing the in-house lighting; maintaining the cleanliness and supplies in the bathrooms; overseeing the general cleanliness of the space during the event; shutting down the facilities; etc.
16. Are there any restrictions on decorations?
Confetti, rice and sparklers are not allowed. Candles must be contained in a cup, hurricane lamp, or on a base. Items may not be placed in the fountain. Any ornamentation attached to brickwork must be done without nails, screws, or staples. Tape or other adhesives may not be used on The Courtyard’s flagstones.
17. What's the timing situation?
The rental rate guarantees use of the space for the entire day. This should cover your setup time, the event itself, and the breakdown. The Grand’s guest curfew is 11:00 PM in the Courtyard and Midnight inside the facility.
18. When can I come in for a tour?
Tours are conducted by appointment. Please call the Grand’s office at 334.944.2159 for details.
19. Is there more than one event at the Grand on the same day?
During a weekday the Grand offers separate rental spaces so in some instances more than one event can occur on the same day. Friday and Saturday rentals are for the entire space so only one even per day will be booked.
20. Is there a cancellation policy?
Notice of cancellation is required at least six months prior to event. A cancellation fee of $500 will be charged for cancellations less than six months prior to the event. All Rental Fees are non-refundable.